Our Mission


To generate water in drought-affected communities to improve liveability and reduce the environmental impacts of mining, agriculture, and hydrogen production on water supplies.

AQUA AEREM water capture technology


AQUA AEREM is a patented proprietary system that captures water from the atmosphere in arid environments:

  • without grid power connection

  • with increased efficiency in hotter climates

  • low maintenance

  • no waste stream other than air

About AQUA AEREM Technology

Australia is a dry continent.  Water is often unavailable at sites where infrastructure is proposed or needed, such as mining sites or remote communities.

Water is often already allocated to either agriculture or human consumption.

Rainfall is unpredictable and long periods of drought are experienced in Australia.

Existing water generation methods produce waste streams, require large amounts of energy, or do not work in low relative humidity environments.

AQUA AEREM technology solves these issues.


About the Co-Founders


Mr Gerard Reiter

Co-Founder & CEO


Gerard has 26 years of professional experience as an engineer and senior executive. Throughout his career, he has held a variety of executive positions which give him a unique perspective on the challenges facing infrastructure owners.  Gerard specializes in asset management systems, engineering design and management , contract development, negotiation, and managing equipment procurement for high voltage power grid, solar farms, large battery arrays, and renewable energy projects.  

Gerard has delivered of $3.5 billion in infrastructure projects, worked internationally on new technology and was responsible for the high voltage power network in NSW.

JarrodWard 1.png

Dr Jarrod Ward

Co-Founder & CTO

PhD. Industrial Chemist.

Jarrod has worked with different companies, large and small all over the world on start-up projects and new technology. 


Over his, he has been involved in numerous industrial chemical projects which have provided him with significant experience in business development, intellectual property protection, commercialization, negotiation, research and development, invention, and licensing.

Jarrod has worked for private companies and universities on the technical development of projects and intellectual property projection submissions.

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