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About Us

 Aqua Aerem is the proponent of the Desert Bloom Hydrogen project and originator of the patented air-to-water technology.  Aqua Aerem's Desert Bloom Hydrogen project utilises proven technology in innovative ways to produce commercial quantities of green hydrogen without impacting water resources which significantly reduce the capital and operating costs associated with producing green hydrogen.

Aqua Aerem Founders

Gerard has been integral in advising Governments on some of the most critical issues the electricity sector must address as renewable energy replaces carbon-based energy.  He has held a variety of executive positions which gives him a unique perspective on the challenges facing infrastructure owners and the energy industry.  His leadership, vision, and understanding of the energy transition were integral to commercialising the innovation that underpins the Desert Bloom Hydrogen project.

Mr. Gerard Reiter


JarrodWard 1.png

Dr. Jarrod Ward is an industrial chemist and patent attorney with extensive experience in commercialisation of technology and start-ups.  He has worked with large and small companies to bring a number of start-ups and pilot projects to life.  He has extensive experience and knowledge of the leading technical innovations taking place to facilitate the energy transition and has incorporated this into the Desert Bloom Hydrogen project.

Dr. Jarrod Ward


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