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Water From Air
Water From Air

Water availability is critical to the production of hydrogen.  For every one kilogram of hydrogen produced nine liters of water is required.

A majority of the green hydrogen projects announced globally are located in dry and water-stressed countries, yet have no clear strategy to access the necessary water.  Even those projects in regions that are not currently in water stress have demonstrated little focus on how water will be accessed reliably over the life of the projects.

Aqua Aerem's propriety water-making technology is powered by renewable solar energy and provides a much-needed solution to the water quandary that has so far curtailed the production of large volumes of green hydrogen required for the global energy transition.

The innovative technology also provides the ability to open regions of future economic development and has potential applications that go well beyond the production of hydrogen, such as mining and agriculture.

Aqua Aerem Water Capture Technology

Aqua Aerem’s water capture technology is a patented proprietary system that captures water from the atmosphere in arid environments:

  • without grid power connection

  • with increased efficiency in hotter climates

  • low maintenance

  • no waste stream other than air

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